THE SZEKELY GATE by Melissa Pinkstone


The Szekely Gate is a delicatly carved wooden gate which dates back to Medeivel times, and can be found deep in the mountians of Transylvania. Székely crafts are of Hungarian heritage and are famous for carving wood, which is the most extended form of traditional art, along with weaving fabrics. The Sun and Moon are the symbols of the Székely; they appear on the flag and also, in stylised form, in their carvings.

The best known carved items are the Székely gates. They used to be made of good quality oak trees and less frequently of pine trees. Among the gates built ages before in large areas of eastern Europe the most numerous and technically interesting are preserved in Transylvania. The traditional Szeklers’ hospitality does not allow gates to be closed. They are open to everybody, both happy and miserable, like the open and philanthropic hearts of Szeklers. This is expressed frequently by the inscriptions on the arches of the gates: “Peace to the newcomers, blessing with the leavers”.

The Székely gate comprises two parts: the small gate, also called the pedestrian gate, is used for people to walk into their garden. It usually has a welcoming message engraved on it, often saying “God brought you” which means that whoever enters the garden is welcomed by the owners of the house. Next to it, and kept as one single unit, there is the large gate, also called the carriage gate, opened only when carriages stacked with hay or wood need to enter the yard.

This ancient art with a system of mythical symbols and richness of form is still practised and still inspires Hungarian Szeklers of Transylvania in creating their home environment and preserving their traditions to this day. Most remarkably each gate was and still is a unique individual work of art, one of a kind, but serving the same practical purpose: keeping the “outside world” outside and guarding the sanctuary of the home within. It is not by accident one finds the runic inscriptions on front of the gate “The Lord has brought thee here” while on the other side departing guests can read “The Lord be with thee”.

Hungarian motifs carved into the wood include upward scrolling or spiralling lines, the tree of life, sun as central motif, runic symbols, five and eight petal rose, pomegranate and cornflower.

Other gates that have withstood the ravages of time have been mostly carved from oak as is the custom even today. In the top centre under the roof and pigeon loft (representing peace), the traditional sign of the sun, symbol of Úr is carved and under it the ancient greeting ISTEN HOZOTT. Besides individual decorations, the main post which separated the large wagon gate from the small walk-in gate, displayed the family history in runic writing (rovásírás). Each generation added it’s share of history and when all sides were filled, a new supporting post was hewn from oak and placed on either side of the walk-in gate. There is a custom of carving, in runic writing, family history into the gateposts. In addition to the inherited symbols and decorations, a greeting, name of the homestead builder and date of completion is also carved into the gate and remains a tradition.


Lori Maddox by Melissa Pinkstone




Her look is wild
She's young but never shows it
She loves to live and lives to love
The ones know she's the One

Behind every great man there is a great woman. Rock icons in there own right, I want to pay tribute to the women behind the rockstar, starting with Lori Maddox.

Lori was born in LA in 1958, and when she was around 13 she made her entry into the rock and roll scene. She was a regular at the Rainbow Bar & Grill and the Continental Hyatt House, also named "Riot House". She became a teen model in Star Magazine the coolest publication of the time before she met Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelins guitarist.

Lori and Jimmy were in love and she even went on tour with them for a year. She was included and was inspiration for the lines in the song "Sick Again", which features lyrics about her blue eyes and waiting for her to turn 16.

Her style was a mix of trash and full on glamour, often wearing hot pants with halter neck tops she was just as likely to wear a vintage 40's gown with a mink stole. 

Named one of the most famous groupies of the 1970s. Groupies served as angels, feminine saviours that acted both as lovers and mothers to the weary musicians, inspiring them to play their music and even serving as muses for songs that would be written on tour and recorded for the next album. Truly in love with the music and willing to do anything to meet and connect to the band, groupies were an important part of the movement and became known simply for being around those who were famous. They gained notoriety for their devotion both to the music and the artists that created it.

Click read archives of STAR MAGAZINE


Moonchildren by Melissa Pinkstone




Shot recently by friend Niclas Heikkinen, creative director of Grit Magazine. This awesome editorial titled Moonchildern is exactly that, model Suzi Leenaar's other worldly looks are perfect for this, not to mention shes one of the coolest rebel models right now. In these shots she wears Rroma's all white Sheer Silk T-shirt, Tube Top and White Linen Trousers. 

Photography&Styling - Niclas Heikkinen
Make Up - Mona Leanne using M.A.C cosmetics
Prop Stylist - Miranda Latimer
Assistants - Louise Hall, Holly Chapman
Models - Suzi@Rebel Management, Lemmie @Wilhelmina, Bom@Models1, Lukas@Izaio, Ed, Nico and Pat


Personal style is (definitely) not dead by Melissa Pinkstone



20 /04/2016

I am not a fashion writer nor do I try to be. But when Pandora Sykes- Fashion Editor for the Sunday Times Style wears your clothing line you have to shout it out! Or better yet, type so fast as to spread the word via social media #themodernway. Personally I prefer parading up and down with card board sign shouting at the top of my lungs.. but each to their own.

Here Pandora is wearing the red leather lambskin coat from the "Alternative Folk" Spring Summer 2016 collection. Speaking of personal style Pandora definitely has an eclectic dress sense. Matching pieces together you wouldn't normally* put together but that some how really work for her. *What ever that means. I have come to find that personal style is all about confidence, you know shaking what ya mama gave ya.. and staying true to your own personality. 

That being said its totally ok from time to time to be influenced by the ones that have got it.. #onpoint

You can check out the full story on pandora's blog.

Melissa xxx



NYFW 2016 -the best so far by Melissa Pinkstone


Alexander Wang AW/16

Fashion Week So Far



NY Fashion Week started last week, kicking off with a mix of well known names and new game players out to make a name for themselves. Alexander Wang, Altuzarra and Baja East were some of the best shows so far this week. Sending out goth/ punk vibes was Alexander Wang with his collection of twisted Coco Chanel - esque twin piece suits, metal studded skirts and sheer lace tops. As a fan of anything punk rock, Wang's anti-fashion anarchy was a much welcomed presence at Fashion Week.

Baja East a some what new comer has already gained much press at  NY Fashion Week especially with there AW16 collection of urban warrior style pieces. The earthy tones and tribal details combined with simple wools and cottons creates a interesting combination that I don't mind looking at. Another is Altuzarra with its woven chunky wool jumpers and folky Jacquard pieces, again showing us a mix of tribal inspiration and modernism.  A great pairing when done right, these designers have certainly nailed it.

As NY Fashion Week will come to a close on the 18th I am excited to see Jeremy Scott and Marc Jacobs who are up next to show us what they got! Bring on London Fashion Week.

Baja East AW/16

Altuzarra AW/16


Sneak Peek SS16 by Melissa Pinkstone

A sneak peek from behind the scenes shoot for our SS16 Womenswear with the lovely @benedettacasaluci Next Model Management. Full shoot to follow shortly...

FGUK Magazine X Rroma by Melissa Pinkstone

The new issue of FGUK Magazine named "The Cyber-Dog" out now features editorial pages of our most recent Rroma AW15 Mens Collection. Launched over London Collection Mens week. Their first ever printed issue discusses the impact of the web, from modern dating, forming personal identities and sex. It also features a number of artists from New York based twins TK Wonder and Cipriana Quan to Parisian based stylist Jean- Paul Paula.  Get your copy now for sale on their website at FGUK. 

Editorial Credits : Photography- Nigel Pinkstone, Graphics - Jamie Fox, Model- Elite, Tommy Fitzer 

"Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo"- Rroma in Editorial for Grit Magazine by Melissa Pinkstone

Grit Magazine has just launched their new May issue with a collection of editorials named "Sweet Nothings". One editorial in particular  named "Oh Romeo"- taken in Barcelona, showcases a number of current international designers including Rroma, as seen below; model wears our Cross-stitch Mesh Polo. Both "Oh Romeo"and "Heart On Your Sleeve"are shot by Niclas Heikkinen, one of the main photographers and contributors at Grit Magazine. Subsequently Grits "Oh Romeo" was also featured in Fucking Young Magazine, Espana.  

To see full editorial : GRIT MAGAZINE



Behind The Scenes shoot for Fashion Glossary UK by Melissa Pinkstone

Over the Easter break, while everyone else was scavenging for Easter eggs and gorging on as much  chocolate as humanly as possible..a small team of us took to the streets, shooting RROMA's new print editorial for Fashion Glossary UK Magazine. The shoot was taken in the open air using natural day light with a  film camera  to create a natural grain to the editorial. The Idea was to have portraits of our RROMA Man aka Tommy Fitzer- model from Elite London, shot in nondescript locations against textured and distressed backgrounds. Here are some behind the scenes shots to give you a sneak preview. The editorial will appear in FGUK magazine's Spring Summer 2015 printed issue, out in June. 

Credits due.

Model- Tommy Fitzer from Elite

Photographer : Nigel Pinkstone

Retoucher/ Assistant : Jamie Fox 


Pooh town by Melissa Pinkstone

Bartlett graduate Nick Elias has transformed a 1920's Slough, England into a Poohtopia by overlaying scenes from AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh with its industrial landscapes. Visualized by Elias to question the role of architecture in a changing world, He asks if more could be done to promote the importance of "happy architecture"? Through a series of advertisements designed to promote the town, Elias warmly takes the viewer on a pilgrimage through Pooh Town; a fictional alternative to the depression and social exclusion that characterized Slough after the First World War, He polarizes this image with the fictional scenes of AA Milne's classic tale, from a rabbit's picnic to a balloon launch. "Pooh Town questions the raw matter of what humans want: In designing for emotion, happiness, it has been possible to test the purpose of architecture in a changing world."


Urban Tales is an exhibition of architecture drawing by three award winning recent graduates from the Bartlett school of architecture, Ned scott, Nick Elias and Anja Hempa explores the fictitious transformation of urban spaces in London, Slough and Tokyo.

To visit :

6-10 April 2015 Upstairs at Carousel, 71 Blandford Street W1U 8AB. London Underground: baker St, Bond St. T +44 (0)20 7487 5564. / 



CLEAN BANDIT: Rroma Man by Melissa Pinkstone

Neil Amin-Smith, the violinist from electro pop group Clean Bandit pictured showing his support for Rroma by wearing another one of our Cross-Stitch sweatshirts. Headlining at the MTV 2015 Music Showcase along with new comers Years & Years And Saint Raymond Raise, they performed their best selling UK number one of last year, Rather Be. Clean Bandit are nominated for Best British group and Best Single at the Brit Awards 2015. Founded in Cambridge, England in 2009 the electronic dance quartet consist of Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson, Grace Chatto, and Neil Amin-Smith. Their 2010 single Mozart's House was released on Black Butter Records, reached number 17 on the UK Singles Chart. In January 2014, they scored their first UK Singles Chart-topping single with "Rather Be", a collaboration with Jess Glynne, featuring elements of classical music along with a dance music beat. Last year Neil Amin-Smith was spotted at Snowbombing Festival and on French TV show "Le Du Before" sporting one of our black sweatshirt, pictured below. Through his love for our clothes Neil Amin-Smith has organically become our style ambassador, we are calling this a "Rroma man" - a person who represents Rroma through their style and attitude. 


Martisor charm for spring by Melissa Pinkstone

Mărțișor charm is an old  tradition celebrated all over Romania every year on the 1st of March . The name Mărțișor is a diminutive of March (Martie in Romanian). It is believed that the person who wears the red and white string would enjoy a prosperous and healthy year. Not too Long ago, in the countryside, people used to celebrate the Martisor by hanging a red and white string at their the gate, window, cattle's horn and shed to protect against evil spirits and to invoke nature's regenerative power. In eastern Romania, the red and white string was complemented with a small - gold or silver - coin. After wearing the coin for twelve days,  people would believe that their skin would be healthy and beautiful for the entire year. In modern times, and especially in urban areas, the Mărțișor lost most of its talisman properties and became more of a symbol of friendship or love, appreciation and respect. The black threads were replaced with red, but the delicate wool ropes are still a thriving industry among people in the countryside, who comb out the wool, dye the floss, and twist it into thousands of tassels. In some areas the amulets are still made with black and white ropes, for warding off evil.  As a gift we will be giving away are own hand made Mărțișors in the lead up to March. To get your own Rroma Mărțișor please enter your details below. 

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Martisor is a charm for spring time in Romanian its a traditional charm that has been around since the roman times and is said to have healing and prosperity powers.

Preview RROMA FW15 Mens showroom by Melissa Pinkstone

Starting from the 21st to the 26th of January we will be presenting our first AW15 collection with PLAN 8 Showroom. The RROMA AW15 collection is a combination of our statement cross-stitch printed tops and thick wool jackets  and cotton printed shirts. In the white minimal and utilitarian space, the bold electric blues and reds of the neoprene sweatshirts stand out! Positioned next to designers Komakino  and Tek by Eley Kishimoto, the showroom gathers interest from 150 buyers from all over the world, such as Brown's, Dover Street Market and Selfridges.

Here is a few images shot in preparation for the opening of the Showroom.

Rroma's cross-stitch Autumn / winter 2015 collection presented at Plan 8 showroom at Paris Fashion Week 2015.   Hand printed cross-stitch designs printed in her London studio by Melissa Pinkstone Central St Martins graduate. Inspired by Roma Gypsy culture and art.   
Rroma's cross-stitch Autumn / winter   2015 collection presented at Plan 8 showroom at Paris Fashion Week 2015.    Hand printed cross-stitch designs printed in her London studio by Melissa Pinkstone Central St Martins graduate. Inspired by Roma Gypsy culture and art.   
From the current collection  Rroma's cross-stitch Autumn / winter   2015 collection presented at Plan 8 showroom at Paris Fashion Week 2015.    Hand printed cross-stitch designs printed in her London studio by Melissa Pinkstone Central St Martins graduate. Inspired by Roma Gypsy culture and art.