RROMA teams up with London's Best Burgers / by Melissa Pinkstone

londons best burgers

A few days ago, RROMA got the chance to go free burger tasting with top blog "Londonsbestburgers.com"! It was an arduous task having to review the three succulent buns on the menu at "Crown & Sceptre" the pubs new pop-up"Top Bun". Like the name.. It was a top bun ;) having tasted "The Great British" with its amazing burger jam! I am thankful to the blog for giving me a taste of whats its like for them on weekly basis. Only a few should be so lucky..

However one week from today, Mr Hyde (from the makers of shortlist) are presenting NATIONAL BURGER DAY!!! where burger lovers all over can enjoy discounts at the best joints in London. Keep updated on twitter @LDNBestBurgers and @Mr_Hyde for more action...Seriously not a day to be missed!