Personal style is (definitely) not dead / by Melissa Pinkstone



20 /04/2016

I am not a fashion writer nor do I try to be. But when Pandora Sykes- Fashion Editor for the Sunday Times Style wears your clothing line you have to shout it out! Or better yet, type so fast as to spread the word via social media #themodernway. Personally I prefer parading up and down with card board sign shouting at the top of my lungs.. but each to their own.

Here Pandora is wearing the red leather lambskin coat from the "Alternative Folk" Spring Summer 2016 collection. Speaking of personal style Pandora definitely has an eclectic dress sense. Matching pieces together you wouldn't normally* put together but that some how really work for her. *What ever that means. I have come to find that personal style is all about confidence, you know shaking what ya mama gave ya.. and staying true to your own personality. 

That being said its totally ok from time to time to be influenced by the ones that have got it.. #onpoint

You can check out the full story on pandora's blog.

Melissa xxx