Lori Maddox / by Melissa Pinkstone




Her look is wild
She's young but never shows it
She loves to live and lives to love
The ones know she's the One

Behind every great man there is a great woman. Rock icons in there own right, I want to pay tribute to the women behind the rockstar, starting with Lori Maddox.

Lori was born in LA in 1958, and when she was around 13 she made her entry into the rock and roll scene. She was a regular at the Rainbow Bar & Grill and the Continental Hyatt House, also named "Riot House". She became a teen model in Star Magazine the coolest publication of the time before she met Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelins guitarist.

Lori and Jimmy were in love and she even went on tour with them for a year. She was included and was inspiration for the lines in the song "Sick Again", which features lyrics about her blue eyes and waiting for her to turn 16.

Her style was a mix of trash and full on glamour, often wearing hot pants with halter neck tops she was just as likely to wear a vintage 40's gown with a mink stole. 

Named one of the most famous groupies of the 1970s. Groupies served as angels, feminine saviours that acted both as lovers and mothers to the weary musicians, inspiring them to play their music and even serving as muses for songs that would be written on tour and recorded for the next album. Truly in love with the music and willing to do anything to meet and connect to the band, groupies were an important part of the movement and became known simply for being around those who were famous. They gained notoriety for their devotion both to the music and the artists that created it.

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